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Conversation Between The Rebel and Anime Forum

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  1. I don't like spicy foods, LOL.

    Actually, I was the Madd Admirer back then. *aki-chan* (symbols might be wrong) was ONE of the original cannibals of AF along with a few others, and a few blanket thieves too.
  2. Nothing to much. Just hanging out with some friends and also sorting through some old Yugioh Cards at the moment, boredom lol. Have you tried hot sauce on the new members yet? I promise you the taste will rise ten fold if you use that on them.

    Wait, were you a cannibal of older AF?
  3. Yeah, I decided to take up the mantel of AF cannibals of Old, lol.
    What's good?? Well, some of the new members are quite tasty, LOL. Especially with sweet and sour sauce.
    But otherwise, not much has been up. Same old day by day life of adulthood. Anything up with you?
  4. Hey. I heard a rumor that you're the new AF cannibal.
    Anyways, wuts good?
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