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Conversation Between The Rebel and SHIRO*

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  1. Temples, any shrines? I've seen many anime with lovely shrines. We used to have a lovely Pagoda at our local zoo, but it was damaged by fire recently. Not sure when they will repair it since it was built back in 1914.
  2. well, Nara that city I live in, has a lot of history, and Kyoto has as old as one. there are lots of old temples and big buddha in Nara. it is maybe the most popular in all of sightseeing place.
  3. It's all right. I most likely will never have a chance to go to Japan. But I do like hearing about it. Just something about a country with cultural and tradition being a major part of it that is beautiful.
  4. uhmm.. there are lots of various festivals in various place in Japan. Things I know is a part of them ...
    However If anime festivals and events, I check them on web site such likes here:

    uhmm.. I may not be able to help you well, sorry >_<;
  5. LOL If I could quit watching new anime once in a while, I might have luck finishing my list of anime seen. But sadly, hard to recall almost 300 titles, especially when I keep watching new anime which means more titles to add.
    If I could ever go to Japan for a vacation, I think the one thing I'd most like to do is attend a festival. Besides festivals, what other cultural events or sights would you recommend?
  6. Thank you, too. *bows*

    well, maybe Yes they are.
    Although I don't know all of anime like that...
  7. *bows* Thank you. And if you like, you may ask me anything about America. I'll try to answer to the best of my ability, and if I don't know, I'll let you know I don't. lol
    Okay, here's one question. Just how much of things depicted in anime is true in real life, (festivals, school life, and things like that)?
  8. Thanks

    Let's learn together
    Please ask me anything Japanese
  9. I see you have already met some of our finer members. I'm sure you'll learn much, and hope you accept my friend request. I have always wanted to learn more about Japan, it's customs, culture, and such.
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