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Conversation Between The Rebel and Disconnected Outsider

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  1. :\ That does sound pretty irritating. Not sure if I could stand it either. I'd definitely have to take a break, I've already got enough trying to wear me down as is, as you now know. But take a peak at my PM real quick before you do take a break, or I'll copy and paste it in an email and send it to your email too if you want? Seems like that'd be easier. ^^'' But you'd have to PM me with your email first. lol :P
  2. Yeah. I used to enjoy Wolf, but with the new way they want to run it, it just keeps ticking me off which doesn't make it fun.
    Yeah, there is a mod named kaitou, and the guy pissing me off named Kaitou. Both spelled the same, but one has a "K" and the other has a "k". And the system doesn't seem able to distinguish the difference, yet allowed it.
    But like I said, think I'll take a break from AF for awhile and cool off.
  3. Oh. Well that's complicating. :\ But I always wondered what Wolf was, but I'm just not really goot at forum RPGs. Actually never even tried one before to be honest. But that's interesting, I thought you couldn't have a username if the characters(letters) were the same? Weird. o.o I was also wondering why I kept seeing VMs that were kind of upsetting me at first sight, so I figured they were doing the same for you. Seems pretty out of line though.
  4. Wolf was a Thread Game started by Lord Shinigami very loosely based on Mafia. And it was made to follow AF's 200 post rule for threads, but since we are down a Mod, this player wants to turn it into a SPAMMING game. And different people can host a themed version of it. After 10 or so versions we get a player who insists we don't know how to play it right, and has been given control of the Group for it. Now I have him messaging me and causing me to keep getting madder when I am trying to cool my temper.
    And sadly, I can't put him on a ignore list cause his username is almost the same as a Mod's username with the difference being a lowercase letter instead of a capital letter.
  5. Oh! I forgot to mention this, I'm starting to get a mean headache from looking at bright things, and the sunlight is only making things worse. x.x So I need to go lay down before that thing I told you about kicks in too. So, I should be on in a few hours if you're around. 1 or 2 hours. Depends on.. something. I dunno what, but it's not very consistent with how long I'm asleep. >< Try to take it easy! ^^
  6. I remember that part. Except the part about not being medicated for them is new ofcourse. That sucks. Sometimes I just wish I could teach 'some people' some lessons to 'open their eyes' a little bit to a few problems. But the question is: what kind of lesson would it even be? :\ But what's this Wolf thing anyway?
  7. I think it has to do with my ADHD/Manic Depression and the fact I'm not medicated for them. (can't afford to see a doctor about 'em)
  8. Man, that's longer than most people I know. Except for one guy. But that's cool. ^^ I don't have anywhere to go. Oh wait.. I won't be here for most of the day on Tuesday(has to do with what I'm going to tell you, so Tuesday would be a good day to do that ^^), but you can still write a PM since I'll still be on roughly around 2 or 3 hours, on Tuesday, from now. ^^ But yeah, it's cool. ^^ So don't sweat it. ^^
  9. Problem for me is, when I get mad it takes awhile to cool off. Like about 24 hours. And doesn't help I'm frustrated about stupid BS over the Wolf threads. Right now, I have aheadache to boot. I'll reply to the PM when I getaround to booting up my laptop instead of using stupid junky publiclibrary computers. But just so you know, I'm usually not on Sundays, and probably won't be on Monday cause the library will be closed for Labor Day.
  10. Ouch >.0 But it's ok on my end, just cool yourself down a little bit though. ^^'' You'd never think it, but sometimes I can get pretty mad too though. I just don't have the energy these days to be mad for too long. It has to do with parts of my PM that I told you about, and the part that I'm going to tell you about. It's just energy-sapping/draining beyond belief. So when I do get mad now, I just drop it and move on until I feel like doing it again. And that's happened to me before too, so I know what you mean. Well, kind of.

    And I'll try to see which one is cheaper first, game or anime. ^^
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