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Conversation Between The Rebel and DragonSoul

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  1. I mean we can talk about this all day but it wont get far and not much will get done u know lol
  2. I wonder whats going to be done about it to spark it up
  3. Active again? Thought those Wolf threads were pretty active. But yeah, does seem too quiet around here in the other threads.
  4. I wonder if anything is going to spark up AF u know make it active agian
  5. Same thing here. Especially since I left the Wolf Group and games. Sometimes I get into a greet all newbies thing, but not often.
  6. No i dont post as much as i do anymore not alot of threads i like what about u
  7. So, managing to find some good threads to post in?
  8. Its no prob dont think nothing of it u are a cool friend
  9. YAY! *glomps you* And thank you for the compliment. I get so few.
  10. No why would i do that u are a great friend u can talk to me when ever im around dont worry im back for good ^^
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