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Conversation Between The Rebel and DragonSoul

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  1. yeah i hope soo
  2. I'm sure activity will pick up after the Holidays.
  3. Yeah it would be nice to see some ppl on
  4. Yeah, I think the holidays just had everyone tied up. Now that it's just New Year's which doesn't require a lot of work, people can get on more.
  5. Ive been doing ok just got on today seems very active i see alot of old members on a few staff looking good right now lol
  6. So, how you been doing?
  7. Yeah thats true
  8. Can't hurt. After all, it would also free up a lot of space allotted to member profiles. Figure, if they haven't been on in the past two years,, they probably don't even recall their account anyways. I've seen several members rejoin with a new account cause they couldn't recall their login password or username.
  9. Yeah it would give some idea on how things would work and how well it would be on AF so yeah lets see ill talk to Ace or Flash and see whats what but u are right
  10. Not sure. I'm sure Chat, and a few random threads get a lot of repeat activity from a few members. But on the whole, I think a lot of members have just dropped out. I think the first thing that would REALLY help the forum is to find all the members who haven't been on in years, and delete their accounts. That way we have a more accurate idea of our active members. Then find some way to juice it up around here. Honestly though, not sure what could be done since AF does have some pretty good features already. We have chat, games, a fair selection of forums, and stuff like that.
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