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Conversation Between The Rebel and ::SomeOtherCookiez::

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  1. Haha true. :3
  2. Why? Girls could understand some hot Asian guy, and find out if he's talking about her to his guy friends.
  3. Hahaha, its only best for men. xD
  4. Plus imagine being able to understand hot Asian chicks when they talking in Japanese,,, tehe.
  5. That's another reason for you lol. :3
  6. But see, here's the kicker. I could ALSO watch anime in japanese and know what they saying, lol.
  7. Okay cool. I'd rather stick to English.
  8. If anything, I'd love to learn Japanese so I can understand the lyrics of the anime songs and my fav J-pop groups, SCANDAL and Hangry and Angry.
  9. Haha lol. ^^
  10. Me it's cause I'm too lazy to deal with listening to new music and have to figure out if I like it or not. lol
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