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Conversation Between The Rebel and -GAZKUL-

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  1. lol No problemo.
  2. i'll give you a poke via FB nearer the time and Thanks!!!!
  3. Hmm, have been REALLY bored lately since I left the games. I supposed I MIGHT join for one round.
  4. Using the rules left over from when i hosted V5 and Gangster Movies theme. Won't be for a while yet but i'm sending out a mass VM to the veteran players early.
  5. Before I say anything,,, at least give me some details first. Classic rules, classic theme is kinda vague.
  6. Come Back for Wolf V27, classic rules, classic theme
  7. Welcome back mate!!!
  8. That eager to be rid of me??
    Sadly, got badgered into coming back.
  9. I thought you said you were leaving us?
  10. Hmm, I've seen DBZ, but that's pretty much ALL fighting, it really didn't have much of a actual plot to it, (one fight would be like 3-4 episodes long. 90-120 minutes to show a 20 minute fight, really?). Plus I kinda gave up on it when DB GT came out, (watched some and was like what the hell). Seen ALL of Naruto, and some of Shippoden so that's a possiblity. And I think I've only seen two episodes of Baccano! so that wouldn't work out too well. Hmm, Tokko maybe... Think I'll look over my Watched list and DVDs list and see what might work.
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