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Conversation Between .Tatty. and -Kitsune-

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  1. Met a girl, huh?
    Awwh. :3
  2. Apart from meeting and now dating my gorgeous amazing girlfriend feck all xD
  3. Yeah ><
    Aside from that. Anything new and awesome happen in the years I've been gone? :3
  4. Thanks.

    Pretty much all I can say there. :/
  5. Oh, ouchies. I'm sorry dude. :<
  6. Well seeing as my Uncle passed away 2 days ago, not good.
  7. "Long assed elephants" Lol. :P
    So how have you been all this time?
  8. Long assed elephants memory here ;D
  9. Marissa. I'm just surprised you remember I existed. xD
    I haven't been around AF in... Literally years.
  10. ofcourse i do! xD Either Marissa OR Melissa! xD
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