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Conversation Between .Tatty. and Faux Angel

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  1. tsch thats' why you love me!

  2. psh aren't u quite the egotistical one

    D: i refuse to believe it. u hear that?? REFUSE. its all lies, ur a graphics design student. *rewrites reality*
  3. oh how generous you are!! :') IT MUST BE LOVE!

    And I'm completely self taught!
  4. eh i suppose i can lower my standards for you V.V ... lets settle with "just above average" :')

    O_O .... where did u learn this stuff? x.x must subscribe
  5. Pfft you lie to yourself and me!

    as for vectors, no tuts but there is speed art videos of my work :P
  6. talented and average :'D

    not God nya nya :3
    do share any tuts u have for vectoring though >.> i like how clean and crisp ur DA vector art was
  7. talented and gorgeous :'D

  8. lol yes O_O u are indeed talented.
    ... God.... i thinketh not :3
  9. ;k\an;lk\vngefam/lgnl/mj/ejwf BUT I'M THE GFX GOD HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. except me fu fu fu

    me??? a bully???? oh hush you
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