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Conversation Between .Tatty. and Darkandiel

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  1. o.o
  2. don't you love me baby don't you love me whoaaaaaaa
  3. I prefer the term short stature sir, thank you milady!

    As for behaving myself we both no I don't do that!
  4. A little boy like you would never know what to do with a real woman.

    Run along now and behave yourself. =)
  5. Ah you still wuv me!

    Well you don't and I don;t want to take it back! (doesn't change the fact you're past it ;])
  6. Haha "past it" freck off lol.

    You just said I don't look my age. You can't take that back now Bwuhahaha!
  7. Pffft your hardly old, past it yes, old no

    im dandy
  8. Believe it, I'm a old lady.

    And I'm good thanks, you?
  9. I'm dead, just did 2 hours at the gym!

    How is my gorgeous graphics lady?

    (also you profile says you 30 and after seeing that picture, i refuse to believe that D: )
  10. You feeling okay, Tatteh?
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