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Conversation Between .Tatty. and Kaitou+

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  1. It's only fair to ask everyone's opinion:
  2. I ask you kindly to hop off my dick. Kthxbai
  3. okay i named out of hatted and got "-GAZKUl-

    sorry broseth
  4. Vote for anyone at random then, because if you vote for yourself, it's gonna be a 5-way tie.

    Once you vote someone and start the next challenge, Ill replace you.
  5. You may have to do that!

    Im too busy being drugged out of my head to do anything constructive that could help the team
  6. Can't do that, bruh. D: But if you want out, Imma replace you next round.
  7. Me! I VOTE ME
  8. Bruh, gotta vote on who you want to kick out of your team. I need your vote.
  9. Yo, post in the AF Survivor to choose a leader. =D
  10. Hahahaha, I would but I already have a girlfriend.
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