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Conversation Between Naughty Dog and Sighanide

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  1. You called?
  2. I always thought we were merely a dream by Cthulhu, and the dinosaur theory was brought up by our government to stop us from discovering the truth.
  3. Did you know that the dinosaurs roamed the earth?
  4. Why then good sir, I shall supply thee with thine's fruit of choice. In such case, it would be the Pear! Sweet, yet, has a knack for freezing the teeth, which can at times me annoying.

    If not a pear, then I would quite possibly say the Pluot.
  5. Why, that would be the orange! The balance of sweetness and tartness is just awesome.
    What, pray tell, is yours?
  6. Eh, that's not very fun. At all. When I had bullies in school, I messed with the bullies xD
    So, without further ado, what is your favorite fruit?
  7. Yeah, that's mostly the case.
  8. Going back to school can be a pain, depends on what you make of it/if others are annoying as hell/beating on you xD
    So, why don't you like school? Do you just dislike academics?
  9. It's half-decent. I'm not looking forward to going back to school, but First World Problems and all that.
  10. It's a bit inconsistant, and not really xD
    So, how's life with you?
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