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Conversation Between .Sev and Darksocks

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  1. Some sexual healing, I'm guessing.
  2. And when he's on, what's gonna happen?
  3. Marvin Gaye is what's going on.
  4. What'sa goin on?
  5. I need to rewatch it, it's been awhile for me.
  6. I watched the first episode of neon gen. so far it's very promising. i just love animes with nuclear explosions. i think i got that from watching dragonball z growing up.
  7. Neon Gen is so good. Love me some Neon Gen.
  8. I have seen bebop. a classic indeed! haven't watched neon gen though. i shall add it to my list.
  9. Have you watched any anime "classics"? Cowboy Bebop or Neon Genesis for example? Good stuff there.
  10. yeah it was really unique. it's not the kind of show you can compare with.
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