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Conversation Between .Sev and SigmaSD

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  1. He says he wants to knows if you are a child. I guess he really likes to help children.
  2. Well Siggy not going to tell him. Cause like...Siggy is shy with strangers.
  3. For some reason he wants to know how old you are? I asked him why he wanted to know, but he just said no reason.
  4. How about you take me to him cause I don't know where I'd find him. I ish shy.
  5. He has always been able to lull people to sleep, better than anyone I know. I'm sure he'd be pleased to meet you, and to hug you back.
  6. I'd like to meet this...pedobear? I just wanna give him a nice warm hug. I'm sure he'd take good care of me. Maybe even sing me a lullaby when I get tired.
  7. I almost forgot about how he used to go around just offering candy to those who couldn't afford it.
    Did I mention he is just the nicest guy?
  8. Wow, I wish I had a nice guy like that take care of me. No one was ever that nice. What ever happened to those times when you'd get offered candy? He should get a neighborhood watch badge for his efforts.
  9. He always seems to be trying to recruit younger people for some kind of cause. I notice he always makes sure to talk to any children that are alone, and he will offer car rides to children that look worn out and alone all the time. He is just the nicest guy I know.
  10. What was the latest feat he accomplished? Do you think he could aid us in our fight to save the starfish? Like, get children who want to help for the cause?
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