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Conversation Between .Sev and SigmaSD

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  1. He has brought up the idea multiple times, it has always been a dream of his. I just hope someday it comes true for him.
  2. Kind of like when he offers children rides on his car, right?

    Has he ever thought of teaching at an elementary school?
  3. He never was much of a public person, doesn't like the spotlight. A good samaritan in the shadows, if you will.
  4. Maybe he just wants to be anonymous because he doesn't want anyone to see how good he is.
  5. Funny, that's exactly what he suggested. So no jealous onlookers would want to steal the starfish, of course.
  6. Oh really really? Okay then like...hmm...I should meet up with him in a secluded dark alley and hand him some starfish so he could help distribute them.
  7. If I know him, it will be on the top of his to do list.
  8. Yay, that's good. =3 Maybe he can help hand out starfish to the children as well. =O
  9. He said he'll be right over to see you. He seems really excited.
  10. Well tell him its an age he would like to help me.
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