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Conversation Between .Sev and SigmaSD

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  1. Btw fyi I am laughing hard right now. If I could give reps for wall posts I would.
  2. I know exactly what you mean. Once I got 4 vm at the same time, while I was pming someone. It would have been great if the pmer hadn't found out. Man that was a mess to sort out.
  3. Yeah, Siggy is promiscuous with vms. But siggy only does it cause it feels good. And its way faster than PMs cause PMs require a lot more devotion and you have to build trust, but VMs get the job done quickly.

    Though I do need to check if I got a virus from multiple VMs.

    Sometimes I get more than one VM at the same time. =O
  4. No, from the looks of it it hasn't gotten that bad, but still be careful. Always use protection when posting back and forth with people.
  5. Well...does that mean anything bad? Like AIDS or something?
  6. Yes you do. Trust me, I am an expert on these sorts of things.
  7. I do..?
  8. You have waaaaay too many visitor messages.
  9. That sounds like a brilliant plan to me. Open a babysitting service or something like that to get started.
  10. Yeah I know. Maybe we should bring children in his house and that way he can teach them there. When people see how good of a job he's done, he's bound to get a job.
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