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Conversation Between .Sev and SigmaSD

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  1. I'm low on cash at the moment... But I'll do anything for some starfish.
  2. See, thats what happens when you're out of the stuff for days, these withdrawal symptoms.But now that I'm here I can hook you up with a nice dose of starfish, just name your price and I'll see what I can get you.
  3. Thank goodness. I've been gong through depression from being deprived of starfish.
  4. I was in a coma since I got hit by a car, but now i've woken up and am ready to hand out starfish again
  5. I'm surprised at you not being on. Where else am I going to get starfish so cheap?
  6. Dont worry. Siggy was blesseded with lots of starfish. =3

    Hope you have happy new year. *smile smile*
  7. No, it's not tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is a poser compared to real fairies.
    And merry christmas right back at yeah. May you be blessed with an abundance of starfish.
  8. The fairy? What tinkerbell? *confuseded* Btw, Merry merry christmas. *huggles*
  9. The fairy, of course. I thought that was obvious.
    And let me tell you, this fairy sparkles 100 times more than edward ever could.
  10. But but but, what about the fangirls? What would they worshipp then?
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