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Conversation Between .Sev and SigmaSD

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  1. We need to see about having this made, it would be the best thing to hit cinema since the invention of the video camera
  2. OMG OMG OMG OMG really really really? Hyuu!!!!!! *happy happy*
  3. The kawaii meter would go off the charts! It would be a standard for cute thereafter!
  4. Oh right right. OMG I should do the second one better. And the son's name could be Omen or something like that. It be sooo cute!!!!!
  5. That sounds like it would be a hit. You may want to do a few more movies before that though, to build up the characters, maybe have it as a trilogy.
    Another one could be where a starfish loses his son and has to search the ocean for him.
  6. Wow really really? Siggy has never heard about that. =O

    Or or how about a movie in which Siggy is moving to university and has to figure out what to do with starfish cause Siggy can't take them, and so the toys are trying to find a place where they can be and stuff. =O =O
  7. How about a disney movie where there is an old worn robot starfish, and then a new robot starfish comes from a giant ship to see if there is any starfish life, and everyone on the ship is fat? I'd call it Starfish-E.
  8. Don't you mean the "amazingness of" starfish?

    They should make a Disney movie in where like...a princess...she happens to kiss a starfish. And like the starfish turns into a prince. =O

    Or or or, a story in which the starfish wants to get outta the water to see the landies, but the starfish has to give up her voice in order to walk amongst the humans. *nod nod*
  9. They are the ones that need the starfish the most. I always do my best to show the non believers the amazing starfish.
  10. Yeah I guess soo. I don't care as long as the starfish are spread EVERYWHERE!!!

    Hmm...well...most people say "what's a starfish"... hyuu....
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