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Conversation Between Kazetori and Sighanide

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  1. Japanese language, eh? Well, cool. =3
  2. haha yea, my major is Japanese language and international business.

    Nice! Grats!!!
  3. Still a bit confused as to WHY you would go to a japanese university, unless you want to learn either Japanese or Computer Science (DEM ROBOTS 'N' SHIT)

    I am doing AWESOME, i got some praise for a game I helped turn out: Hotline Miami.

  4. Haha that's awesome xD
    Yeees very busy due to school ._. I got accepted into a Japanese University, so I HAVE to keep my grades up or I can't go! D: How about you? You been keeping busy?
  5. Beh, si vide, Io sono italiano, quindi sarebbe normale per me di parlare in italiano.
    (Well, you see, I am italian, so it would only be natural for me to speak italian.)
    Proof? xD

    Yayz, I know a guy who works on it
    So, what's up with you? College got you busy?
  6. Ooooh that's cool! Can you speak Italian? lol You probably get asked that a lot huh ^^;;
    Lol just like a vampire huh xD

    I've heard a lot about that! It does look really cool.
  7. I don't live there, I live in America, but I was born in Italy
    I was up all night, every night, and I was tired every day

    I'm really excited for a new game, Watch Dogs:

  8. Oh, oops typo xD Yea I meant to ask if you live in the UK. My mom and aunt are from the UK so I've been growing up with a lot of british culture around me haha.
    Why did your previous neighbor think you were a vampire? o_o
  9. No, but my previous neighbor thought I was (I think). I "like" the UK, but I don't live in it xD
  10. WoaH a real vampire?! O_O Scurrrrrrrrry
    Do you like in the UK?
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