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Conversation Between Little Black Cat and Infinita

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  1. Well, I am a scholar here, I got the scholarship to study here, so here I am...
    It's hard being away from family, but I have awesome friends here too so I'm fine ^^
    My school also has a lot of foreign students too, but since I am only a freshman in middle school, I don't really get to interact with them. It was fun having them around anyway ^^
  2. That's awesome! I thought about going to school abroad but I would find it very expensive.
  3. I am from Asia you see...more specifically from Malaysia but living in Singapore in a boarding school. My boarding school hosts alot of overseas exchange students so I am not really very unfamiliar with them ^^
  4. That's cool. I don't mind. I have yet to find another Canadian on this site. If I do, I think it would be awesome.
  5. Wow......THAT SO COOL......forgive me =='' I am overly obsessed with people who are not from asia =='''
  6. Yes actually I am. French was my first language.
  7. Ok ^^ thanks for your advice ^^ o.O you're French?
  8. That's easy. You just need to manage your time right on the internet to last the 60 hours. I am from Canada. Pure Canadian right here. ^^ (Well, if you want to be technical, Pure French Canadian)
  9. Ok then....but you see my internet hours are limited...only 60 hours (I'm not complaining==) so I need to use them wisely....By the way, where are you from?
  10. Well, do some homework, watch an episode and then get back to homework. lol Or finish all your homework then watch as many episodes as you want. lol
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