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Conversation Between Little Black Cat and Infinita

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  1. I work full time at one and part time at the other. I fear sunburn. I went outside for an hour and my shoulders were red and I mean RED. I doubt I could live there but that place is gorgeous! ^^
  2. You have two jobs so I know from your profile, is it fun working part-time? By the way....Singapore is DAMN HOT!!!! That's why you should never play in the sun for fear of...sunburn
  3. It's the fact that I like to be kept constantly busy. That's why I find it boring. lol That's awesome! I am stuck working tomorrow and the weekend. Aws. Not gonna go outside and play in the sun?
  4. Really? O.o Is college really that boring? Never heard of anyone that I know saying that college is boring though...My common test will be over tomorrow so I'll be hanging out with friends and chilling out....until the results are released anyway. The fun stops from there...T^T
  5. Oh no problem! I play a lot of browser games out of boredom. College can get boring sometimes. lol
  6. Oh I see...Thanks for the suggestion anyway ^^
  7. I am not sure. I go on random sites and I play Shogi when I feel like it. I am not so good but it is a pass time though.
  8. Thanks!!! anymore fun stuff to do?
  9. I looked it up on wiki to get to know the pieces and I would have to send you the link later. I have it on my work computer.
  10. wow...I see, but is there a website? If yes, can I have it? I am interested, but don't know how to play and my chess set is in....Malaysia, so I can't get it...
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