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Conversation Between Little Black Cat and Infinita

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  1. That's what's the con about being abroad, you don't get to see family that often. It's great for being in a completely different place but hard to see family.
  2. That's Singapore for you! The only holidays are the one month in June and the two month one in November and December, That's why I don't go home very often...That's rather sad....
  3. Oh my! No holidays or anything? All year round? I embrace my summer while it lasts. 4 months of working and embracing my free time lol
  4. We have school the whole year round!!! And the temperature seems to go up everyday!!!!
  5. Oh no! It's summer! You need to have fun!
  6. I know, but what to do? I have to live here you know! Some more, some of my common test papers have come back....I am not having a blast
  7. Oh wow. I can't stand hot weather like that. I prefer the cold.
  8. Ah, but that's the problem you see, the temperature in Singapore is never that low....I wish it even cooled down a little bit though, I sweat everyday walking back and forth from the bus stop to my boarding school....Even in the morning around 6.30, I swear I sweat....
  9. I don't mind the heat. As long as it's not above 25 degrees Celsius. I think 20 is ideal or rainy weather.
  10. Ah! I don't get sunburnt, it is just that the heat is rather unbearable here in the land of the mer-lion. My skin is dark enough to withstand the painful effects of being sun burnt, but....I just don't like feeling the heat, so I stay indoors^^
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