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Conversation Between Little Black Cat and Infinita

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  1. I really don't know. I find that kinda strange.
  2. Hmmm...Let's put mine like this...
    My high marks were like highest in class...
    Yet my lowest were the lowest in class....
    How does that work?
  3. I kinda did yet kinda didn't. I got some decent, bad and some good marks. I wish I could have done better on two of them.
  4. Oh...hope you did well....I did quite badly for my end-of-years though....
  5. I have midterms this month. It's like the halfway point to finals. My finals are not till December. And then I start a new semester in January and have finals around April.
  6. Ah well, I am really glad that all of my classmates are in the same condition as me though T^T

    o.O Your exams are here? Well, don't be too stressed about it though ^^
    I am pretty sure you will do better than me ^^
  7. I am sure you did great! Don't doubt yourself. Keep your head held high and stride forward. I have midterms this month and it's study time for me for the next few days. My finals aren't until December and I don't look forward to those at all.
  8. Sorry for the late reply! I was having End-Of-Year Examinations, just taking a break here to return your encouragement ^^ I think my humanities killed me already, I could only finish the literature paper...T^T
  9. Oh no problem. I find that if you study enough, you'll do really well. Don't over study but don't under study. I have yet to perfect that in my subjects. I get lots of quizzes and assignments.
  10. Ah~ thanks for the reply ^^ I still have other subjects, if there's a late reply, I'll apologise ^^
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