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Conversation Between Little Black Cat and Hikarin

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  1. Everyone can draw. It has less to do with talent and more to do with patience and understanding^^ Another great but sad work of theirs is X.
  2. I still love them...^^ I think they're awesome although they started off as doujinshi mangakas....I myself have to talent for drawing....
  3. Ah, I see :3 I've been following them since I was little ;p Their artwork is amazing and they think carefully about their story plots. And to think they started off by making Doujinshi^^
  4. Well, I was introduced to CLAMP through Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles on Animax and I loved their artwork. I started going crazy when I started watching Cardcaptor Sakura and and xxxHolic as well as Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion...I loved their wonderful design Kyaa~
  5. Awesome!^^ I've been one for a long time too. My favourite work of theirs is Magic Knight Rayearth!XD CLAMP actually inspired me to aim to be a manga creator ;p
  7. Hi, are you a CLAMP fan? :3
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