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Conversation Between Little Black Cat and Hikarin

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  1. No, I'm Australian but i have been studying Japanese for quite a while^^ It's quite easy to learn. Thanks, I' really looking forward to writing them!XD
  2. Oh I are Japanese aren't you? I can't read the language =="" but I like it though my current position prevents me from taking it up =="" Nice ones...they sound very interesting...especially the English one ^^
  3. Oh, I see :3 It is interesting, isn't it? The ones I'm making in Japanese are:
    1) Anata no Chikaku ni (Close to You)
    2) Helium Bubbles
    3) Aphrebis
    4) 99% Josei (99% Female)
    5) Genmentsu (Disillusion)
    6) Shizuku (Droplets)
    7) Toki no Unmei (The Destiny of Time)
    8) Hinansho (Sanctuary)
    9) Watashi wo Shinjite Kudasai (Please Trust Me)
    10) Tears of Return
    11) Tsukiyo (The Moonlit Night)

    and I'm writing one English novel; Tempest^^
  4. It's called 'Holy Grail', cause I have an obsession with King Arthur and his legends...
  5. Most of mine are actually in my mind. I looked in my file draw a while ago to see how much I'd done and there was barely anything! What is your original one called?
  6. I just started writing though...My other stories are all penned down on paper with a fave pens...By the way, I am also working on an original one, not a fanfic. That I have to work to transfer in into my com...
  7. You're welcome^^ Well, I favour my writing over my drawing too. I write my own original stories. Okay, I'll take a look at them!XD
  8. Thanks for your support!!! I will try...but I really have more talent at writing though, I love writing fanfictions. You can check me out at ^^
  9. Very sad and deep. CLAMP had a purpose behind writing it like that though as they do with many of their works. It brings out a certain message. That's not true! :3 You just have to properly think about the proportions to make and what curviture to use ;p
  10. I've heard of it....quite nice it seems huh? By the way, I REALLY have no talent for drawing, the only art that I can draw is abstract and I don't think that I even do well at that ^^
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