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Conversation Between Little Black Cat and Hikarin

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  1. It sounds very interesting though!XD What lind of things about DNA have you learned?
  2. They call it Life Sciences, we study DNA and microorganisms and anything not visible to the naked eye ^^
  3. Oh really? Wow O_O The only science I was really interested in was earth and environmental science. I've never heard of microbiology as a school subject before.
  4. I prefer science myself, I have a great interest in microbiology and anything small enough as not to be seen with the naked eye ^^ I am so lucky as my school provides the subject to be studied ^^
  5. Oh, really =0 Sounds like busy work! What would you rather be then?
  6. To study engineering you see....That's my dad! Construction business runs in my family you see, as well as business ^^ truthfully, I don't really have any interest in both ==''
  7. Really? That's actually kinda interesting! Why was he here? Was it for English or something (a lot of foreigners, especially from Korea come here to improve their English.)? Ehe, amusing? in what way?XD
  8. father was a university student there....But I don't plan on following his footsteps ^^'' I am quite happy where I am even if I am only in secondary school ^.^ I find Australia very amusing in the first place, It's a nice place isn't it?
  9. Yeah, it's a really good country^^ I live in an area called Lake Macquarie (sometimes counted as part of Newcastle) in the state New South Wales ;p I think it's a very beautiful area~
    I actually submit a lot of songs for animelyrics; that's the whole reason I first joined the forum.
  10. Oh I see....^^ You are Australian??? That's cooll!!!!
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