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Conversation Between OtakuInu!!! and animegirl2365

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  1. lol mine is what kind of anime do u like? and what's ur name?
  2. Yes I believe we talked before too. On AF chat I guess? haha. Memory's fuzzy.
  3. I'm pretty good about to go to the store with my moms in a bit. Ummm I do believe we talked before, do u remember me? I'm trying to keep in touch with the people on my friends list.
  4. Hiya~! I'm fine. How about you?
  5. Hey, how are u?
  6. Ah... I see. Well I bet he's really worth it. (:

    You'll go to a con soon.
  7. I had some money but I had to use the last of it to buy my boyfriend a hat!
  8. It costs that much?! O_O

    I'll suggest you make your friend loan you but that's not really the best thing to do. XD

    Next time try to save up money so you could go. It's really fun!
  9. Oh cool, I'm trying to go one of theses days. My friend is going this saturday but i can't go cuz it cost like 50$ and my parents and my personal savings are tapped out lol
  10. I tried to study. XD Since I'm an incoming Senior and I worry about college. I also went with my friends to a con.
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