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Conversation Between OtakuInu!!! and Matt~

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  1. Yeah, but still. xD

    Oooh. I like it. It's so cute. :3

    I follow Naruto (but I'm not updated since I restarted everything), also Gundam 00 (5 more eps. 'til I'm finished with it), and Shakugan no Shana II (but I stopped for a while). I'm also watching a Korean Drama though. The Korean version of Hana Yori Dango. Lol. Just felt like saying it. How about you? What animes do you follow?
  2. The clubs pretty much rent anything to ya =) anyways I GOT MY NEW SIG + Avatar ;D A little girly but i like it ;P looks awesome =)

    So what animes do you follow? =)
  3. I know. But sadly, we can't afford diving equipment and such. XD

    Of course I do!
  4. Thats a shame the Philippines have some great coral reefs ;P

    So do you watch any anime?
  5. Waaah. That's so cool.

    Nah. Unfortunately I don't.
  6. =) Well Boracay is a favorite, i know loads of people there ;P And I get food nearly free kuz my aunt has a small restaurant ;P
    Do you dive?
  7. Whoa. So you're like half-Filipino? AWESOME~!!!

    Yeah you spelled them correctly. Whoa. I'm so jealous. You've been to the most beautiful places here while I haven't yet. I've been in Boracay though.
  8. Ahahaha Yeah might be =)

    Btw thats awesome my moms from the Philippines =) I've been to alot of places around there such as Cebu,Manila ofc also went up to Palawan to do some coral diving =)
    Not sure i spelled all those names right but yea ;P and my moms family is from Boracay also been there aswell ;P
  9. Lol. I guess it's the feeling of achievement? xD

  10. Nothing much just finished Rosario + Vampire Capu2 I'm having this weird feeling in my stomach xD I always get it when I finish a anime I've watched for a long time lmao ;P
    So where do you live? =)
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