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Conversation Between OtakuInu!!! and Matt~

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  1. Lol. He wasn't careful! xD
  2. xD When i celebrated there last year someones boat got a rocket to the knee lmao
  3. Lol. Yeah but we get by. I don't hold as much fireworks now than when I was a kid so I'll prolly be safe. And we mostly buy the ones that explode in the atmosphere with beautiful patterns.
  4. Not really, ill celebrate it at Christmas =) be careful with those fireworks i've bought them before (yea i've celebrated new year in Philippines) their not the best quality lmao
  5. Nice. You guys holding a Christmas party for your last day of school?

    Yeah we'll probably buy. I hope it's better than last year's though.
  6. Yuppers =) Tomorrow is the last day of school ;P Feels great, are you gonna buy any fireworks for new year?
  7. Well a lot of things have an end right?
  8. Yea but it saddens me that it ended and continued on the manga
  9. Whoa. That's a lot. I wish I had as much time like you do.

    I heard Reborn is a good anime. My brother got into it and there were a lot of Reborn cosplayers at the conventions. Plus, the series is already finished, or so they say.
  10. Well i follow pretty many but heres some =)
    Naruto, One piece, Bleach, Maken-ki, Phi brain - kami no puzzle (epic), Fairy tail and some other small ones =) Tho i want more to watch, im thinking of rewatching katekyo hitman reborn since i have so mutch time =)
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