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Conversation Between OtakuInu!!! and innermoonlight01

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  1. Cool! I like Naruto and Shakugan no Shana too. I like supernatural animes the most. And then mecha.

    Before I recommend stuff, I'd like to know what genre you'd like. Because I don't want to recommend you something you wouldn't like.
  2. The animes i like..naruto,fairy tail,sket dance,tora dora, shakugan no shana,fruits basket, kaichou wa maid sama,shugo chara.
    what animes do you like? any reccomandations?
  3. No probs. ^_^

    So what animes do you like?
  4. the forums cool , i found lots of interesting things, thanks for asking
  5. Thank you so much for adding me~!

    How do you like the forum so far?
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