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Conversation Between Hikarin and SigmaSD

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  1. *gasp* Siggy is right! =0 I'd love to drink out of a choccy river~^^
    ....Hikarin may have got a version she has to run with a certain program <.< CS3. I think a friend gave it to me. How much does it cost???
    I hope you'll think so!^^ I worked on the picture a little more today.
    Hikarin isn't sure where she is up to on One piece!><
  2. Well who wouldn't love choccy? Its like...the snack of the Gods. *nod nod*

    Wait you has photoshop??? How you get photoshop, it costs lots lots, trust me. I wonder how you gots it.

    Oki oki, siggy-chan really really wanna see though. puhi puhi. I bet it looks pretty pretty. hyuuu!!! =3

    Siggy is way behind in one piece. I ish on episode 100 and there are around 400 epis. =O So I has to catch up lots.
  3. Yes, she did and my doggy loved the choccy!XD
    Hmmm.... Okay, Hikarin will check her photoshop that she never uses!X3
    I'm not sure, hopefuly some time soon!^^
    Ah, Hikarin understands. She hasn't seen One Piece in a while.
  4. Oh noes!!! Choccy was gone? hyuu...what happened to choccy? *cries* hyuu....Did you look for choccy? I'm assuming your doggy eats the choccy.

    Well Imageready comes with photoshop so if you has that you will surely have image ready. But it costs lots lots.

    lolzy. oki oki, so when is it going to be done, the picture picture? =3 =3

    Oki oki. Right now siggy is watching one piece though. So it might take a while before I continue watching naruto.
  5. Maybe, my dog loved to eat chocolate^^ I turned around one time and left a row on the endge of the loungeroom seat and when I turned back, she was there licking her lips and my choccy was gone!XD
    Okay, Hikarin will look into that program; thanks^^
    Hmm.... a similar colour to her hair, yes, but a little darker :3 I'm thinking of it being a little messy too.
    Okay, that's good then!X3 We can talk more about this event after you watch a bit more then :3
  6. Oki oki. *gives some to hika-chan* You think hika-chan really wants to eats chocolates? you have this program called Imageready? That's the easiest way to make a giffy. Siggy used another program, but...its really not that good. I can look for it though if you wants to try it.

    Ohoes ohoes, kinda like yui yui chan from angel beats. =3 =3 =3 puhi puhi puhi

    Nu nu nu nu nu, Siggy watch, siggy watch. Besides, Siggy not that far from catching up in Naruto. *nod nod*
  7. Maybe Hika-chan wants some too. Chocolate is pretty irresistable^^
    Okay!XD Say, how does Hikarin make giffies from a video? Hikarin wants to make Makoto siggy.
    Yes, they make her look cute^^ I can tell you that she is 7 or 8 years old, short, has a stuffed starfishy toy, dark pink hair, kitty ears, a teeny tiny tail and tiny pointy teeth when she opens her mouth^^
    You'll just have to watch and see unless you want me to give you spoilers ;p
    Yesh, yesh, he does.
  8. I eat lots and lots of chocolatz. =3

    Oh yesh yesh I can use Misuzu, she looks cutesy cute. Oh oh oh me has to make giffies. =3

    Awws, oh well hope you finish soon soon. What about the kitty features, do they make her look cutesy cute?

    Hmm...*thinks* I ish confuseded.

    Wait wait wait...he does? *tries to remember*
  9. Ah, I see. Well, what does siggy eat around her?
    Hmmm.... Hikarin is watching AIR at the moment, and so Misuzu or Kanna would be cute!XD Maybe siggy would like someone else though.
    Almost, Hikarin just has to finalise some details^^ Mes keeps changing her mind about the hair length too.
    I won't say what happens, but I will say that I had an absolute ball with that event!XD
    yeah? I can't tell. I just liked his younger look^^ He has stubble now! =0
  10. The fairy penguin ish hungry but when Siggy feeds it fishies and sometimes it not want any. I think Hika-chan is picky eater.

    Yeah you ish right. Hmm...*thinks*...btw, Siggy is thinking what should be next Siggy and avi.

    No no I didn't. Are you done creating Hitode yet? Cause me wanna see picture soon. =3 =3

    Well if you say so. Me hasn't watched much after what happened to him, but hopefully Kakashi is alright right.

    They say Dante looks like someone from Twilight. lolzy. He doesn't look that bad imo, I could be worse.
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