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Conversation Between Hikarin and ~*Red*~

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  1. What job would that get you?
  2. I'm doing my Cert. IV in Web Development. =3
    I'm hoping that it'll prove to be very fun for me! xD
  3. That's good

    So what will you be doing at school this year?
  4. Good, I managed to get a lot of things done and cleared a lot of jobs off my hands.
    There's a lot less trouble now that I've moved house which is a lot closer to my school now too.
  5. How was your break?
  6. Hiya, been up to much? I'm back from my break. =3
  7. I'll tell mum we need to go to N.S.W. for our next Australian holiday then hehe
  8. Sorry! >< But I've never really been out of my area other than the two times I went to Queensland. I don't have the ability to travel anywhere other than by train either.
  9. Awww >_<
  10. Only if you ended up going up to Sydney. ^^
    I don't have the ability to venture very far I'm afraid. ;p
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