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Conversation Between Teddy2116 and Kaitou+

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  1. understood *smiles*
  2. Join the Kaitou Kid group, is going to be renamed to Kaitou Kid HQ.
  3. *nods* i can tell *smirks* so who's next to join our harem
  4. I was born to be a leader, my boy.
  5. *smirks* it seems like you are in the right mind set
  6. Mwahahahaha, we me in power all this chicks will serve our desires in no time! All hail me!
  7. *nods* as you wish kaitou-sama *smiles*
  8. Or Master.

    ....Fine, let's go with the former. >->
  9. hmm... Kaito-sama sounds too formal, how about Kaitou-san
  10. So refer me as Okashira or Kaitou-sama!!!
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