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Conversation Between Teddy2116 and Kaitou+

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  1. SUp homes! <3 Noel!
  2. Well, you'll fine time! ^^
  3. Well thats good... I wish I had more free time to do stuff i like lol
  4. Well, College and Video Games are what pretty much occupies my weekdays. I try to hang out with my girl on weekends though.

    But so far, I been feeling good.
  5. Yeah I know work and stuff got in the way... sadly I still need to do more projects before the end of the year... so whats up
  6. Long time no see.
  7. Hey you, with the face. D=
  8. Sama is back.
  9. As you wish, Kaitou-sama
  10. It shall be rename later, sorry.

    But your lord have to get educated, and so he needs to sleep. We'll converse later.
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