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Conversation Between Luka Megurine and SatanicPitchfork

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  1. It has been awhile. Has it not?
  2. You would be correct! I love Vampire Knight! Matsuri Hino-San inspired me to draw so yeah.
  3. Nice avatar you have...
    Vampire Knight...right?
  4. However my office buddies won't let me sleep.
    They're having a count down until the day it comes out, and plan to go to some bar someplace and get drunk on it's release date...
    they're crazy if you ask me xD...

    actually I think me and my friend Sighanide(can't say his name on the forum) are the only one's sane around the office.
    Production of the game we are making, Metro: Last Light, has literally been delayed because people are distracted.
    it's scary how one game can influence people so much.

    so, yes, I am excited for the game.
    can't wait 'till it comes out...
  5. Are you psyched for Mass Effect 3?
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