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Conversation Between Luka Megurine and blueangel06661

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  1. I know! Which is weird since our state tree is a palm tree and they're supposed to be native. And really?!

    *shy blush* Well uh.. Thank you!
  2. My pass doesn't let me into horror either x.X But I'm planning on auditioning for Horror Nights ^___^ Maybe I could scare ya!! I find it funny how palm tree's really are everywhere... Because most are actually PLANTED!! xD lol true story.

    Awhhhh your so adorable =P
  3. Well you could go to CitiWalk at least! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! You should totally go to horror nights so then I could be like HEY I KNOW THAT GIRL FROM TEH FORUMS ^o^! Or to any event really, I'll be there around that time XD. You won't screw up though! You're a Floridian! You're sensitive to the cold but not to the heat! You grow oranges in your backyard (most of us do)! PALM TREES ARE EVERYWHERE! You get to live near the ocean at all times! Now go! Go my bird and moderate these forums!
  4. Ahahaha ironic ^__^ I got a year pass for my birthday present last week!! I wanna go now but unfortunately due to easter the parks are blocked out for me until the 14th. ;__;

    Unless I upgrade my pass or buy a pass just for that day.. lame sauce.... But thanks!! I'm nervous about the whole modding thing but hopefully I don't screw up too much.
  5. Congrats on the Probie Moddage, I shall go to Orlando whenever I go to Universal to deliver your cake and party poppers XD!
  6. yes yes of course ^_^
  7. Accept my friend request, Floridians must stay together! Yosh! <(^.^<) (>^.^)> ^(>.<)^
  8. Ohhhh! I go to Jupiter/WPB frequently now.. I even went to the fair a few weeks ago.. @[email protected] nice fair was nice....

    Do you ever go to Metrocon in Tampa?
  9. Oh I live in Florida too. I like meeting new people from here. I live in the West Palm Beach area, which is where I'm from. ^.^
  10. Currently in the Kissimmee/Orlando area.. But I'm originally from the Tallahassee area so I'm up there a lot too. o.o why?
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