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Conversation Between Daken. and Purple Angel

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  1. Well ive only done a few signatures,
    there in one of my old threads I made just check them out.;
    They are fail though lol.
    You are way better then me. xP
  2. Aw thank you =^-^= though I can't seem to do the plain simplistic style >.<
    lucky, you used to make signatures? I want to see I bet they're really good ^-~
    My summer's been alright, stuck at home looking after my little brother as both my parents are at work >.< though I did get my own guitar at the beginning of the holidays and I recently got a job as a papergirl (so an nice 31 a week ^-^) though I've been slowly dying of boredom at home >..>
    How's your summer been????
  3. Oh I see, I like your style its pretty cool.
    I own photoshop but I don't use it for signature making anymore tho lol.
    I tryed to attempt it a few times.
    How has your summer been?
    Done anything interesting?
  4. lol I have 11 whilst you have 16 >.< Oh well xD
    I'm too poor to have photoshop so I use gimp, didn't know how to use it at first so I ended up teaching myself and gradually building up the style I have today
  5. Lol I noticed, 11 already? o:
    someone's gettin popular, haha.
    What system do you edit with? Photoshop?
  6. Thank you again I was worried you might not of liked it since I haven't made sigs in a long time, the last one I made was about 2 years ago Nothing much with me, I'm just very very bored, I feel like I should do something >.< You? And no problem, my friend list is very slowly growing
  7. Haha Your welcome. (:
    What's up with you, thanks for the request.
  8. Really? Yay =^_^= Thank you for liking it Yay now I'm in a really good mood Thank you, you're so nice~
  9. Thank you, I like it. (:
    I am proud to wear that signature.
  10. Hey
    I finally finished your sig and posted on your request thread ^-^
    I'm really sorry if you don't like it >.< If you want I'll be willing to redo it for you ^-^;
    And apologies for taking a while, I had done it earlier but then my computer overheated, died and it wasn't saved T_T but at least it's finished now
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