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Conversation Between Daken. and The_Angry_Princess

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  1. my girlfriend is in college, she is about to be 22.
  2. Awesome my boyfriend graduated at 16 in England and is now 18
  3. im a senior, and i was born in frankfurt, germany but i live in ohio now.
  4. I'm in 9th which is high school, what grade are you in, also where you from
  5. yes im in high school what about you?
  6. thats ok your still cool your in high school I see
  7. I don't have any of those sorry
  8. I forgot what that was remind me please the only things I have are yahoo and hotmail windows live
  9. I have aim
  10. Ummmm I use this more than others but do you have Messanger, to me its easier to talk, if not then its ok
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