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Conversation Between Daken. and Kaitou+

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  1. Thank god I'm not the only one that knows about L.A Noire...makes me wonder why you never posted in the thread.
  2. Oh darn, well thats okay lol. (:

    Time sure flys by fast the more you get older haha.
  3. Not to kill the intention but Aku asked to reserve the thread making. xD

    But of course, you're welcome'd to post. But's been a year, damn.
  4. I know!
    I'll make sure to wish you a Happy Birthday again.
  5. In 2 days.

    Damn, broski...Time flies. x_x
  6. End of Eternity/Resonance of Fate.

    I'll change it back to Kaitou though, too much name changing.
  7. Puerto rico.
    So, where did the name Vashyron come from?
  8. Thanks.

    Oh really? Where from? I'm Peruvian.
  9. That was a nice username lol.
    So you like rap? Ayy I noticed you speak spanish right?
    Me too, I'm hispanic. (:
  10. All, man. I'm gonna be in Vegas, might as well enjoy this one of a lifetime experience.

    One of my usernames used to be Da Big Boss, so every now and then people used to post Rick Ross pics referring to me. But I got it from MGS.
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