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Conversation Between Kira_The_Demon_Lord and Sighanide

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  1. Kool :3

    Great! I'd get you a present, but I don't know you xP
  2. Lol Thank you! I'll have to say happy birthday to you when it comes!
    So far it's going okay!~
  3. Merry Chris- I mean Happy Birthday! Mines September 10th :P

    How was your b-day?
  4. Nothing really. Nothing really just waiting for it to be tomorrow. It's my birthday~
  5. I'm sorry for THIS late reply, I can completely understand your situation, I've been through college :P
    So what's up now?
  6. I'm so sorry again! I've been really busy with college and then with moving and everything.
    Ah that's not good at all. Well college is one of them and then moving into my new apartment with my friends. Nothing really much then that.
  7. No problem, it happens ALL the time, at least you replied to me xD
    You're a bit late, however, because it's been three months since I was in Ukraine, but I hated it because it was pretty boring there, not exactly the most lively place.
    So, what's up with you?
  8. That is true. c:
    Awww why do you hate it? D:
    Also again sorry for this really really late reply ; w ;
  9. No problem, my friend, we are all busy xD
    Well, whoop-de-f*cking-doo. I'm in the Ukraine, and I hate it T_T
  10. Hello. Sorry for the late reply. > w <
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