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Conversation Between SigmaSD and Lily Hayashi

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  1. Well just try to stay outta trouble cause like...if you get in trouble, it messes up your life. DX like like...if you mess up or something you might not get chocolate. ><
  2. nothing much just hanging out
  3. I'm doing fine thank you, just messaging people and friends. XDD

    How about you, whats up?
  4. hi hows it going?
  5. Well of course he said yes. Guys rarely say no when they are asked out by a pretty looking girl.
  6. well im amazing-ish now cuz i just asked a guy a liked out and he said YES!!!!!!!
  7. Oh really really? Why, what happened? Tell Siggy!!!
  8. lol idk now im defidently amazing-ish XD
  9. That's nice to hear. But why be good-ish when you can be amazing-ish?
  10. im good-ish lol
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