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Conversation Between SigmaSD and Shini

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  1. You know I will
  2. You know what time it is. Wolf 8 is go. Did I mention everyone gets a role?

    Let's do this!
  3. Nope, just posted it tonight, so we've got some time before it starts. Probably a few days. Anyway, thanks for signing up.
  4. did it already start or will it start soon? and sure I'll join.
  5. Yo Sigma, come play Wolf. I have cake, will share. And I even have a link so you don't have to search for it!
  6. That's great news then. But siggy isn't chibi anymore, siggy is Sigma nao soo...
  7. Nonsense.

    Believe me, on the list of reasons to hate you, being Chibi is far and away one of the least-important.
  8. You just hate me cause I'm Chibi.
  9. I got banned from chat so I have to get in touch with you commoners again.

    What has been up?
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