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Conversation Between SigmaSD and GameGeeks

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  1. Well that sucks.
  2. Well no, just random jobs, but I did hope to work with the animals. but unfortunately they made me volunteer on helping with the fair and not so much helping the animals so it feels like a waste of time.
  3. With the sheep?
  4. I'm doing fine. Since I did well today and I enjoyed myself, I got the chance to volunteer all this weekend. =3 =3 I start tomorrow
  5. Yeah, will probably be someone in the pen with you. So, how goes it?
  6. Well what I saw was like, they put them in these holding pens while they do it, but that doesnt mean they wont jerk and stuff.
  7. A possibility, but I doubt you'll be alone and a farmer will be there if that happens.
  8. They used two machines, so I'll be honest and say that idk which one of the top was a shear. lol but that looks pretty harmless. Still though if you knick them they might get startled or jump.
  9. The thing you'll probably be using isn't capable of cutting flesh. The most you'll be able to do is scratch it. You'll be using something like this.
  10. wait what do you mean
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