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Conversation Between SigmaSD and Dr. Thunder

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  1. Siggy feels a bit better now, thanks. =]
  2. I hope your feeling alot better now
  3. I'm doing fine. Siggy is sick today but Siggy taking it easy for now. puhi puhi.
  4. thank you very much how are you doing today?
  5. Happy birthday.
  6. I've never watched TV so Idk. But wait 17 was on earth when Goku was powering up the spirit bomb? @_@;;
  7. from what I can tell I think he was on earth when goku was powering up the spiret bomb but when I watched GT he was in I beleave that place calld HFIL or somthing like that
  8. What are you talking about? Android 17 wasn't anywhere in the kid buu saga.
  9. you know what I'm not really sure but I beleave we saw him on the kid boo saga
  10. I knuu I knuuu. *sniffles* And also Android 17. Why was 18 the only one that got saved but not 17? =[
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