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Conversation Between SigmaSD and Gero50

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  1. Hay bro. How have you been. It feels like forever.
  2. Hay bro
  3. I suppose. I do like the designs for some of the fith gen Pokemon so far. What do you think of them.
  4. I think its one of the best pokemon games of all time. Its sort of like when silver and gold first came out, it gives you that new but awesome feel to it.
  5. I plan on it very soon how did you like it so far.
  6. oh well. Maybe you can play it on an emulator or something then. Its really fun.
  7. Nah I didn't I don't have a DS anymore.
  8. btw did you get the new pokemon game>
  9. yep yep
  10. Exactly, its like hitting two birds with one stone, right? =3
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