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Conversation Between Kagome and Alice Lost

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  1. I just had lunch. Lots of vegtables and some kind of mystery meat.
  2. II know right? This year has *zipped* by! @o@
  3. Wow! Thanksgiving is almost here already? Time has been going by fast lately for me.
  4. hehehe. So do I. ^x^
  5. I went trick or treating with a few friends of mine. After that, we went to my friends house and ate as much candy as we could. Today, I still have some candy left over from Holloween.
  6. Pretty good actually. Had a lot of fun with my sister and my bff. =D How about yours?
  7. Cools! I wasnt the only one cosplaying!

    How was holloween?
  8. Hehehehe...I actually cosplayed too~ I went as the Baboon pelt Naraku. No one knew what I was....but I was warm, so I didn't care. ^^
  9. I decided to Cosplay for Holloween. I ordered a Japanese High School uniform and almost everyone in the neighborhood thought I was dressed as a sailor. Sometimes, I feel like I'm the only person in the city who knows what Cosplay is.
  10. Happy Halloween!
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