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Conversation Between Kagome and Dreazky_10_15

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  1. Yeah...
  2. ::shrugs:: I just know its tear jerker. lol.
  3. I think they have different descriptions about Clannad...
  4. I've heard its Really sad. lol.
  5. Me too, I haven't watched it yet but they say it's cool....
  6. I know it yea, But I haven't watched it. I don't really feel like bawling my eyes out. lol.
  7. XD Hey, do you know the anime called, "Clannad"?
  8. Right now? Preparing to answer some RP threads on tumblr. lol.
  9. Oh... What are you doing right now?
  10. ::shakes her head:: Nope. I have an account on the Japanese fanart site Pixiv though, heh.
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