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Conversation Between Kagome and Mugiwara-no-Basuke

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  1. Happy Halloween!!
  2. Hope is the last thing to die
  3. Thanks, I hope so too.
  4. Yeah, it makes sense, I man, being boss has it's limits!
    Go for it, I hope your situation at work really improves!
  5. Mn. I'm filing a greivence against her-because in reality she can't do that. we're unionized and that "threat" wasn't in the handbook at all.
  6. So she finds that way to cover it, how despicable
  7. I think she does...>x> Everyone at work thinks she stinks at her own job anyway. '-'
  8. Ah ah, I guess she kinda deserved that
  9. Hoping something will bite her hard for this....
  10. Damn, that sucks
    Hate how bosses can be like that and then the pressure someone can feel that if he/she loses his/her job is going to be very hard to find one

    Really hope things improve for your side
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