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Conversation Between Kagome and redtear

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  1. Thank you~ ^-^
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. Yeeah... weellll. xD Now its not wasted! lmao.

    And thanks.
  4. Yeah i saw that VM u made 2 years back in that other person's account saying how they were wasting that username lol. That is a nice avatar btw.
  5. Chyea...finally. lol. Only waited for 2 years to get this. xD But thanks anyway.
  6. That new username looks nice. Looks like they were able to pass your request.
  7. I cant even look at miley cyrus' face honestly T_T; and everytime i hear her name i automatically associate something bad with it lol. Hahahaha i was thinking same >_>; everytime i hear that song im like -_-; wtf does she even sing in this song. Even if we disregard the horrible lack in talent, what part of this song classifies as a "britney spears" song when other people sing wayyyyy more than she does. What is really sad is that she's going to earn more than u will earn in your life just from that song when all she did is say that stupid line over again. This world's so stupid.
    Oh they better be content with rurouni kenshin. That anime is so awesome T_T; seriously i even have kenshin's ultimate technique memorized word for word >.>; lol. Now that i think about it, id love to cosplay as a samurai.

    What kind of merchandise do u get (like small figurines, posters, anime clothes (not cosplay), etc.). Yeah >.>; i've never baought a single manga let alone anime merchandise lol.
  8. Right? She pisses me off and makes me wanna gag. lol. And I *Have* heard that song...I was like...: "What does BS sing in this? Its moostly other people and mushic cues." Blonde has gotten uber lazy. xD And yep. My kids would too. Throw them in front of the screen and say HERE! WATCH RUROUNI KENSHIN AND BE CONTENT.

    Usually about 2-3 months to make an entire cosplay.

    And noo-I don't spend *nearly* that much in or on conventions a year...o.O I don't have that kind of money to blow. I've just spent that on the merchindise I've collected.

    All you gotta do is figure out what the character wiould say or do in a situationn really.
  9. I know T_T;....Hannah Montanna even miley cyrus' music is drain bamaging >_>;. How could someone with such little talent and effort make millions of dollars. Have u heard Britney Spears' new song "all eyes on us". That is >_>; seriously all she says in that entire song not to mention most of that song is made with filters. Where's talent or even effort T_T; lol.
    Haha i love how u specified (if I had one). U dont want children T_T; lol. I know >.>; my kids will grow up watching anime. They dont need dora the explorer, barney, blue's clues when they have gundam, hamtaro, detective conan :P.

    Oh that sounds pretty hard. How long did it take to learn to do this.

    Im sure u have ^^ u probably spend a good thousand dollars a year especially if u're going to anime conventions 3 times a year. Im sure u probably buy things from there also.

    I cant act like someone else ^^ i wouldnt even know where to begin.
  10. Shows how much parents know, right? Hannah Monatanna is disturbing....I'd NEVER let my child (if I had one) watch *that* Talk about drain bamaging...x.x

    And-no-actually...Most of the time you need to get your measurements and create a pattern- or if possible use a sewing pattern already in existance that can be modified easily to be able to cut the material to the right sizes. That's how you start. It's a process. It'd be wonderful if you could just get the material and sew it. xD But no.

    And yeeeah...I'm pretty bang-up Otaku...I've probably spent thousands of dollars on anime/manga and the merchandise...

    Been RPing for 13 years... 'x' Its a nice escape.
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