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Conversation Between Kagome and gff135

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  1. Fairly well, can't complain at the moment.
  2. not bad hbu
  3. Hangiing in there~ Just woke up atm. heh. How are you doing?
  4. how u doing?
  5. Yo~ What's up? =3
  6. hello
  7. same to u
  8. Happy Halloween!!
  9. im 17 im in school still i want to b a chef and open a resturant, and i lik inuyasha if u hav any qestions for me feel free to ask i hope we can b good friends
  10., I'm an otaku, obviously. Seen/read a lot of anime and manga, In my twenties work as a certified nurses aide at the moment, like to draw, role play, cosplay and translate manga...and um...I guess I'm a walking Inuyasha encyclopedia.

    What about you?
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